Thursday, April 8, 2010

OS 4 for iPhone / iPad

One day after my last post, Apple pre-announced some of the features of OS 4 for the iPhone (and in the fall, the iPad will get the update).

I said (more or less) in the last post that I was waiting for something to make my socks roll up and down: make me really want to keep an iPhone. Tethering say...

The main win of the new OS 4 as far as I am concerned is that I'll be able to run Pandora in the background while I do other things. And since the iPad will be able to do that, that does not make the iPhone uniquely special. I am glad that they waited to do multitasking till it did not kill the battery: the iPhone needs no help killing its battery. Even with a Mophie juice pack, I barely get 2 days between recharges.

Apple did add the iBooks app to the iPhone, but I don't see why that is tied to OS4. Looks mostly like a breadcrumb to try and get me to move over. With Kindle, I don't need to move to OS4, and I already have books for the Kindle app. And no iBooks app for the Mac means it is not as multi-platform as the Kindle.

I imagine the other book readers out there are really going to be having problems though. I thought seriously about a Sony for a long time, but they are really being left behind. I just looked to e sure I had not missed an announcement there, and no: If you want to read a Sony eBook, you need their reader. That makes sense in a way: Sony is a hardware company. But the paradigm just shifted under their feet. Barnes and Noble have an eBook reader on the iPad (still the iPhone version right as I type this...), and that also makes sense, since they sell books, I.E. content, not readers.

Maybe the new iPhone hardware will be more compelling. Won't know about that till mid-summer. Right now, I am still seriously thinking about Palm Pre + and Nexus One.

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