Monday, July 2, 2007

The iPhone has the wrong name

I admit that it is a phone. So what? So is my wifes Macbook, running Skpe.
What the iPhone really is: a handheld computer. The first really good one. What the iPhone should be called (assuming the trademark was available):

  • Its a Mac Micro.
  • A Mac Handheld.
  • A Mac Sidekick.
  • A Mac PDA.
  • A Mac Palmtop
  • A Mac iTouch
  • A Mac Featherweight
  • A Mac iLife
  • Something.....

I was talking to whurley today about this subject, and it echoed a conversation with my wife over the weekend about why she wants one. It all came down to the same thing: Apple finally created the first usable handheld computer. With iPhoneDevCamp (very coolly sponsored in part by BMC I might add!), it is about to get extended too!

I bought an HP 300. Then a 320. Then the 500. The NEC MP 800. I gave up on CE, and switch to Palm. I have had a IV, a V, a VII (still have this one actually, even though there is no more wireless service for it), then jumped over to a series of Sony units. Total it all up, and over the years I have spent *thousands* and I have never ever gotten what I really wanted: a handheld computer.

The iPhone was what I wanted all along. And the cool thing here is? This is the new entry level. From here on out, whatever comes next has to work better, be less expensive, have more features... something.

Palm will have their Linux unit out in 2008. This is the bar they have to reach.

The iPhone is not perfect of course. My two main gripes are that I can not use my music for distinctive ringtones: my Sony Ericsson s710a could do that and it's over two years old! Whurley told me he is glad of that, since that means I can't subject him to my music...

The other thing is games. I am not a big gamer, but I like to have Solitaire with me in case I get stuck somewhere. I'll just have to surf over the slow slow Edge network instead I guess.

I can't wait for update 1.

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