Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On Vacation With the iPhone

I am on vacation for the next two weeks . A normal vacation for me means just connecting to the Internet from time to time, and only using the Apple Macbook. No experimenting with Linux. The Linux laptops are all sleeping at home. This is not because they don't work fine on the road but because I can always run Linux as a guest on the Mac should the need arise.

The new Juniper VPN client works fine from the Apple or Linux. The only reason Linux hardware stayed home is because I did not want to carry that many computers. It is vacation after all.

The point of this post is that so far the Mac has not left the case. The misnamed iPhone has been been meeting my entire computing device needs. Near access points it is fast, otherwise not quite as fast. Web browsing, email, this blog post, keeping Twitter up-to-date,weather, maps to places I have not been... All on the Apple Mini-iTablet.

Oh, yes. It is also a phone.

If I decide to check work email, I'll need the Macbook: even MS Lookout Webmail works from the iPhone, but the screen does not really have enough space on it to be fast on the poorly formatted web pages Lookout Web creates. I don't like the screens much on a big screen either.... MS needs to go to Google Mail school for Webmail clients.

Steve Carl
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