Monday, March 10, 2008


If there ever was a cause to doubt "The Wisdom of Crowds", DST would be it. This assumes that those who make laws are crowds of course.

The idea that nations of sleep deprived people is somehow of benefit to anyone about anything is quite literally insane. It is not just that fact that DST has been shown to waste energy rather than save it. It is the fact that it will take *weeks* for circadian rhythms to settle back down. Some never really fully adapt.

How many students will sleep in class today. How many meeting will people be late for or miss altogether. How many people will fall asleep at the wheel of their cars? How much code written today will have to be re-written tomorrow or next week, when the person looking at it says 'What was I thinking?"

Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb.

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