Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dosbox followup

A quick followup to my last post.

Dosbox has not been a 100% troublefree for my dad. The main problem was that the cursor would go away, never to return, after a screenshot. This did not happen on my Acer, so I could not recreate the issue.

Before I made an on-site visit we tried one thing: installing ksnapshot. That fixed it.

I don't know what the problem was, but ksnapshot is better in any case, because it allows just the window under the cursor to be captured, and without the window borders. No editing required.

It is funny in a way that the KDE screen capture works better on Gnome than the Gnome one does, but that is the beauty of interoperable open standards: best of both can be used.

The other problem is that a new mouse he bought is not working. A Microsoft wireless mouse.

I don't have one of those at home to test either, but I do at the office, and that one works OK. I am thinking bad hardware here, but if he trades it out I hope he gets something I have: Kingston or Logitech. Easier to do remote support when I can replicate the environment. That's why our labs at the office are so big!

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