Monday, November 23, 2020

12 Pro Max VS S20 Ultra: Screen and Size

S20 Screen

My Android is a Samsung S20 Ultra. 6.9-inch diagonal 3,200 x 1,440 pixels, 510 pixels per inch Aspect ratio: 20:9

The refresh rate can be 120Hz but I leave it on 60 Hz because I don't play games on the phone, so why use the battery?

Here is Displaymates review of the S20 Ultra screen: They give the phone an A+ on the screen

The screen is in a word beautiful. Bright, highly color accurate.

12 Pro Max Screen

The iPhone is the 12 Pro Max. 6.7  inch diagonal. Shorter and wider than the S20. The aspect ratio of 19.5:9, and I can see the difference in the extra width of the screen. 2778x1284, 458 pixels per inch, so lower resolution. 60 hz refresh but don't game so don't care.

Here is Displaymate's review. they give the phone an A+ on the screen

All of this is to say both phones have nice screens. I like the slightly wider screen on the 12 for text reading and the S20 for media consumption.


Here though is the main point: Neither phone is big. You can read all over the place on the Interwebs that these phones are 'ginormous' and 'huge' and such. Reviewers rending their garments and lamenting the trend in size upward. They love the S10e and the 12 minis, and lament why can't those have all the features of the larger siblings?

I know some people like tiny phones. One of my favorites to hold was the iPhone 3GS, Perfect shape for a hand. By today's standards, a low rez screen. But nice in the hand. I get the appeal if all you are doing is talking on the phone.

I never talk on the phone. I surf the web. I IM. I write notes. I need screen space and a keyboard my fat fingers fit on. Neither the 12 Pro Max nor the S20 is big, I would love something bigger. I suppose that will be the point of the folding phones going forward. 

I would be happy if I could make calls from my iPad Mini. decent screen size. Touch ID home button. That would be the optimal size for me.

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