Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Killer Apps

 If you are reading this series, you might be wondering why I bothered leaving Android.

I haven't. I have the S20. I have a Galaxy Tab S4. I'm a nerd, so I play with tech all the time. I always have had a foot in both Apple and Android. What has changed is my daily driver.

In Apple land, I have a Macbook Pro, an iPad Pro 12.9 (old one with touchid), an iPad mini, and now the 12.

The killer apps that made me switch to the 12 are 2.

Apple News

We have the family plan for Apple News. I want to pay content providers. It's important to me that happens. I don't want to pay a zillion of them. Apple News is a way to make sure that some content providers get paid with me having one bill. Two, if you count Daily Beast.

Now, iPhone or iPad or Mac, I can read the news. It's kind of been a news-full year too.

Apple Series 3 Watch

I know Series 6 is current. Mine is used. It's not cheap to keep all this tech laying around to play with. For my workouts, the S3 is so much better than anything in Wear from the hardware point of view that it's no contest. In the time of Covid, I want to track my fitness. Fitbit Versa did not work the way I wanted (though that might be a Fitbit to Android issue) and neither my LG Sport nor my Misfit Vapor could keep up with a three-hour bike ride either.

That's it. Those two things moved me away from having on-screen controls and better browsers.

They are still there. Just over there. On my desk now.

Auto versus Carplay

This is more or less a toss-up. Auto looks like Carplay so what's the point of Auto? Also, IM's quit working in Auto, so that's a non-starter.

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